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Chicago Gas Lines is a division of Northwest Metal Craft (NWMC), a family-owned and operated business serving the region since 1945.  Founded by Ed and Irene Mayer, NWMC began selling outdoor furniture, and quickly expanded to selling fireplaces and fireplace accessories.  Since the early 1960′s, NWMC has expanded to also sell grills, fireplaces, gas logs and accessories.  Because of the growing trend of outdoor living spaces in the Chicagoland area, NWMC expanded to include the installation of natural gas lines,  For more than half a century, Chicago Gas Lines has been involved in gas line installation and maintaining natural gas lines to grills, fireplaces, outdoor fire pits, generators, gas lights, appliances, and in gas line repairs. Natural gas is a clean, safe, and cost effective alternative to use as energy in your home.  We are recognized as being natural gas specialists and, currently, we have expanded our service area to also include Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin besides all of Chicagoland.  Because natural gas is much more affordable and an environmentally cleaner alternative than propane, wood and coal burning fuels, it is not surprising that Naperville residents prefer Chicago Gas Lines to all the competitors.

Naperville Gas Line Installation

Naperville, Illinois is an affluent city in DuPage in Will Counties.  Naperville has 142,000 residents who call it home.  In 2010, Money magazine named Naperville the wealthiest community in the Midwest and the 11th in the nation with a population over 75,000.  Arlington Heights, the home to Chicago Gas Lines, is conveniently located 30 miles northeast of Naperville.  Naperville customers understand how much more convenient it is to have fireplace gas lines and fire pit gas lines rather than propane, wood or coal burning fuels.  Furthermore, after gas line installation, you will no longer have to deal with those unsightly propane tanks!  What is more, natural gas will then be readily available to your Naperville home and/or business for unlimited use!  Chicago Gas Lines are natural gas specialists!  That’s because our background and experience with natural gas lines is second to none!  Our ultimate goal is to run natural gas lines to the highest standards for our Naperville customers.  We pride ourselves on our endeavors to always be up-to-date on the current laws, techniques, trends and products in Natural Gas and to keep our Naperville customers well-informed on the newest developments with gas line installation.  By educating our Naperville customers, we feel it will help them become more knowledgeable about the benefits of having natural gas lines.  Furthermore, without a doubt there is no job that is too large for Chicago Gas Lines and no job is impossible!

Naperville Gas Line Installation

If you are considering a natural gas line installation, but you still require some convincing, here are some of the best reasons to use it:

·          It is the cleanest fossil fuel – 99% clean burn;

·          It is highly efficient – 90% reaches the consumer, as opposed to only 30% of electricity;

·          It is plentiful – produced in America; creates American jobs and prices are bound to drop;

·          No unpleasant soot, ash, smoke or odor;

·          No storage tanks – conveniently piped directly into your home;

·          Non-toxic and not easily damaged; and

·          Increases value of property.

In addition, Chicago Gas Lines guarantees its work for three years, and all of our work is done to code.  As the gas lines specialists, our services are all competitively priced (1/6th cheaper than propane) and we provide our customers with FREE estimates.  We also are readily available for any gas line repairs.  So, regardless if it is a fireplace gas line or a fire pit gas line you want, give Chicago Gas Lines a call today at: (847) 797-5974 for your FREE estimate!


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