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Chicago Gas Lines specializes in the Installation & Connection of natural gas to all styles of grills.

Benefits of running Natural Gas to your Grill…

  • 1/3 The Price of Propane Per BTU
  • Never Run Out of Gas Again
  • Never Replace Another Propane Tank
    • Grills are becoming larger therefore using more gas
  • 65% Cleaner Than Coal
  • Natural Gas Grills Do Not produce as much exhaust as Propane making it healthier
  • Cleaner (less buildup on cooking grids)
  • Operates when Electricity Goes Out
  • Safer than propane since is is much less volatile
  • Styles of Grills CHICAGO GAS LINES can run gas lines to…

    • Patio Mounts
    • Post Mounts
    • Grill Islands
    • Cart Models
    • Quick Disconnects (Allows Grill To Move Back & Forth)