Chicago Gas Lines runs natural gas to a variety of different heating elements.  We can help install any of the following heaters; Pool Heater, Garage Heater, Hot Water Heater, Patio Heater, Furnace.

Benefits of a Natural Gas Pool & Spa Heater

  • Maintain any temperature
  • Can heat your pool or spa year round
  • Heats up much faster due to its high capacity
  • Easy to set up
  • Some heaters are up to 95% efficient

Benefits of a Natural Gas Garage Heater

  • Be in your garage year round
  • Powerful & Efficient
  • Huge Range of sizes
  • Infrared heaters have the following benefits
    • Virtually Silent when in use
    • Requires no duct work or venting
    • No open flame
    • Takes up very little space
    • Radiates heat onto objects
    • No wasted energy
    • Little Maintenance
    • No Fan

Benefits of a Natural gas Hot Water Heater

  • 3 times cheaper than electric to heat same amount of water
  • Heats up twice as fast as electric
  • Rebates Available
  • More Reliable
    • Works if power goes out

Benefits of a Natural Gas Patio Heater

  • Convenient
  • Refueling is never an issue
  • Costs under $.50 an hour to operate
    • Propane is $1.60 an hour
    • Instant Heat
    • Temperature Control
    • Efficient
    • Clean Burn

Benefits of a Natural Gas Furnace

  • Heats up Faster
  • Can deliver more warm air
  • Cleaner than any other furnace
  • Most efficient
  • Never run out of fuel
  • More reliable